We love Tampa just as much as a cat loves cat chow! I truly believe that Tampa, FL is one of the absolute best places to live when it comes to the sexy state of Florida. Not just considered one of the most safe places by many but also a fun city. Tampa has activities for everyone from water parks to sunny beaches and fancy cuisine to a booming economy. If you want my opinion on if you should move to Tampa then my vote is heck yeah! Look, even Trump made Florida his State of residence. This means that there are even real tax advantages to living and or moving here… even if just for your residence.

Tampa networking is also very popular. I have college peers from The University of Tampa and from Strayer University Tampa (Westshore Campus) that tell me they love to meet and chit chat in Ybor places. I have aunts that love to hang out at the shops in the same area. So it’s really a multi generational region.

According to Forbes, another great thing is the commerce. I love is the local economy. Everything is hot. From selling and buying real estate to junk food and small niche business. There are local military installations too that I know for a fact boost the schmuck out of the city, the county, and even the state. All this tax money comes in to pay for soldiers and their expenses. This is not to mention all the equipment that Airmen (fyi I consider all military soldiers) need at the MacDill Air Fore installation. A lot of research and development is done there and at the Coast Guard station.

A financial advisor down the street from the Tampa Plaza Shopping Center told me that Adventure Island is one of the places that have the most bizarre stories about how the change in commercial real estate affected the cost of houses in the area. This is to show that the economy works in mysterious ways. Cash is a unique beast that bears no full predictions when it comes to Hillsborough County. I think a big factor to the economy is all the massive things that the Healthcare industry collaterally brings. For example, the Baycare Health System business giant. It has thousands of employes and one can only come to imagine what a big financial impact that brings. Imagine we lost it? What would that do to the cost of selling houses? It would definitely bring the prices down I’m sure. This is the same case for Publix Super Market. They are another Goliath when it comes to dinero in the area. And of couse, I shall not forget to mention the lock smith industry. We rock. We get a lot of people help. So we know that everyone from frugal to rich needs a locksmith here and there.

Do you think pilots lose their keys? Let us know in the comments!

I have friends that Fly in from out of town and are just fascinated by the nightlife. Although that is not the only reason visit Tampa it is something many choose to remember. There are a wide array of choices for airfare and accommodations. One to fit every budget and preference. Once you have settled in you can choose from so many activities that all my out of town friends always say that they should have booked a much longer staycation. I like to show off and take them to the water parks. The second day I usually take them to the beach that way the experience gets better and better each time. I also love our local Tampa airport. Ohhh and the restaurants there. It’s almost like I’d buy a plane ticket just to sit at a bar and enjoy the atmosphere.